Ending my Flash hiatus

2010-12-07 05:14:09 by Liquid-Phoenix

Finally, it seems I have rediscovered my motivation for working on flash projects. This is a notice that mainly goes out to those who know me for my Sonic's Super Sound System movie. Has it really been 5 years since I released that movie? Time sure does fly, huh?

Anyway, no, I'm not dead. I actually started working on a second Sonic music video way back in 2006/2007, and completed some of it on a very casual, on and off basis over the next couple of years. However, with University and other work my life got busy as well as interesting. I can't really use that as an excuse though, I had enough free time to make room for flash work if I really wanted to, but the truth is I got extremely apathetic about Flash in general.

After taking this long hiatus for about two to three years, I have decided to finally get back to finishing this second music video. It was always my aim to revive my motivation for Flash work. I realize it's been a long time since I released my first music video, which surprisingly became somewhat popular, and I've done too much work on this second music video to just abandon it now. I am now working quite frequently on it, but even at this point it is still far from becoming half finished. I'm not going to estimate when I'll finish it, so it'll be done when it's done.

Lastly, even after finishing my first music video a long time ago, I had started to grow weary of sprite movies. Therefore, I plan to make this upcoming music video something of a swan song to my sprite work if I can. For quite some time I've still had some ambition to continue with more original Flash projects, so you may see more interesting projects from me in the future.

If I ever feel like posting any more news on the second music video, I will do so here from now onwards. I appreciate any comments.